Teen Verbally Attacked, Drink Thrown on Him, for Wearing MAGA Hat


It breaks my heart to continuously see this type of behavior in the United States. I hardly ever address politics on my blog because I feel like there is too much room for misinterpretation. Lately I hardly address politics during in person conversations either because this type of behavior is so much more common these days than it used to be.. 

What happened to the times when two people could have different views and discuss their points without yelling or physical aggression? I remember being able to say that any bar and not so long ago and most of my best conversations were always with strangers who his point of you was different from my own. 

It shouldn’t matter whether you support President Trump or not, you should be allowed to wear whatever you want, supporting whichever party, without having someone throw a drink on you or disrespect you. Plus, these are kids! As an adult, the right thing to do in this situation, if you think you can change the teenager's mind, is to engage them in a civil conversation and letting them express their point of view on why they support the president. If you disagree with them you can present your point as well and lead by example in showing what a civilized nation we can be. 

Speak your mind and share your point of view with others but respect those who don’t agree with you. Ultimately all that really matters is that you got up and vote when the time comes. If you like or dislike President Trump, vote to keep him or remove him when presidential elections come back around. Don’t attack others in the meantime. That’s not going to change anything in the White House but it will further corrupt our society. 

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