Will Smith Celebrates 50th Birthday Bungee Jumping From Helicopter

Talk about overcoming fears! Will Smith recently turned 50 (though he definitely doesn't look it) and to celebrate he took on Yes Theory’s challenge of bungee jumping from a helicopter into the Grand Canyon. He's been building up to this moment for a while now, making us wait till after filming his most recent film his contract wouldn't allow him to do anything risky for obvious reasons. 

Yesterday was finally the big day and he went all out recording it as it went down, broadcasting it live on YouTube and letting us all in on the terror (and bliss) he experienced in the process. 

For starters, while the helicopter took off (1:45 in the video if you wanna skip) and flew into position over the Grand Canyon, Will had to be HANGING OUTSIDE it, just standing on the landing skids which I found insane. I mean, he was strapped in but, still! 

Then, even after the jump, he spent a while being flung around the Canyon . . . without a helmet, clinging to the bungee.  While he hung out there he was yelling about how "gorgeous" everything was between a few S-bombs, understandably. 

Check out the video here and comment below with what crazy things you've done to celebrate a birthday, or any other big accomplishment! 

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