Ariana Grande Healing Through Music. New Song

Yesssss. Yes. Yes! This song is all YESSS for so many reasons! 

First of all, it sounds amazing cause she's amazing. Secondly, and why I'm super moved, she's writing to heal. Ariana Grande has gone through an unimaginable year and a half and she's not only standing tall, she is actively doing what it takes (for her) to heal and this makes my heart so happy. 

Grande is openly sharing the pain and difficulty she's going through with her fans which is admirable. She's also sharing how she's going to therapy, talking to a professional and not ashamed of it. She's talked about how therapy has "saved her life" on social media. 

Some of us heal through writing, some heal through therapy, some heal through physical activity, others need music or silence to sit with their thoughts and process... whatever you're going through, find a HEALTHY way to heal. Reach out to friends or processionals. You deserve to heal and find your happiness again, and you CAN. 

Here's Ariana's new track "Thank you, next"

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