Stranger Things Episodes List is Out for Season 3

"In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues." 

That's all the caption said on the YouTube post for the show's third season Title Tease. 

We'll take it! We'll take anything after this eternal wait since October 2017 that season 2 came out! So far I have no good theories, I never do about these things. But what I do know is that there's rumors that this season might be the last. 

You can check out season 3 of Stranger Things in 2019 but there's not specific date... yet! 

Check out the titles below... 

  1. Suzie, do you copy?
  2. The mall rats
  3. The case of the missing lifeguard
  4. The sauna test
  5. The source
  6. The birthday
  7. The bite
  8. The battle of starcourt 

What are you most excited to see this season?

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