Gwen Stefani Shamed After Instagram Post

I don’t even understand where these comments are coming from. Gwen Stefani has always had large lips. Did these people just notice?

Gwen Stefani and her boyfriend Blake Shelton both looked amazing at Sunday’s ACM awards. She took to her Instagram accounts to post a picture smiling from ear to ear with the caption "@officialdanilohairthanku for giving me Barbie hair for date night 😘."

Somehow the focus ended up not on how beautiful she looked or on how happy she was but rather on her lips which kicked off a debate among her followers as to whether or not she had gotten lip injections.

Some of the negative comments were along the lines of...

"New lips who dis?"
"Chill on the surgery."
"Your doc over did it."
"Who ever did your lips needs to no longer be practicing."
"Too much too fake it doesn't fit you."
"She looks horrible, like a clown. All of this plastic surgeries."
"The lip injections have gone a little too far."

It just makes me wonder: what exactly makes people think that they have the right to publicize their opinion on what someone else does to their body? I don’t see a difference in the actual size of her lips. She usually wears matte, red lipstick. In the picture she is wearing nude and glacis which gives the impression of fuller lips. But let’s go ahead and follow along with the thought that she got lip injections.

Why does anyone think she cares about their opinion?

Better yet, why does anyone think they have the right to judge and give their opinion on her looks?

Am I the only person who thinks people who criticize others surgery, looks, make up etc are just full of themselves?

How do her lips, injected or otherwise, affect your life?

Live and let live people!

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