Costco Got Its Own Version of Monopoly, and It Sold Out Right Away...

Entrance to large Costco warehouse superstore in Manassas, Virginia, USA

Photo: Steve Heap / The Image Bank Unreleased / Getty Images

If you're a big fan of your big box store and board games that take as long to play as it takes to get through an entire Costco Warehouse, you are in for a treat (kind of) because a limited-edition Costco version of Monopoly was announced 10 days ago, but it's already sold out online.

Costco's website was selling the games for $45, and people are now hawking them on eBay for twice that.

It's like all the other special edition releases that Monopoly does; same game, different details, but they're all Costco-themed, and the board game is oversized.

The Chance and Community Chest cards look like the signature Costco membership cards and instead of Boardwalk and Park Place, all the properties are Costco locations around the world.

The games' 6 tokens include a shopping cart, an employee name badge, a big teddy bear, a pallet mover, a slice of pizza from the food court, and my personal favorite, a hot-dog-and-soda combo.

Some of their physical warehouse locations could still have them in stock if you're interested, and hopefully they are because the cheapest I've seen on eBay is around $70.

Check out Costco's promotional video for the game here.

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