WATCH: Man Arrested for Growing $8.5 Million Worth of Shrooms

psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms

Foto: Yarygin / iStock / Getty Images

In case there is a mushroom shortage any time soon, the good news is, there appears to be plenty in Connecticut.

That's because a Connecticut man was recently charged with possession with intent to sell narcotics and operating a drug factory after authorities found the man had been growing $8.5 million worth of mushrooms in a home in a residential area.

When police arrived at the home of 21-year-old Burlington, Connecticut man, Weston Soule, they saw ventilation equipment throughout his residence that was consistent with what would be used in illicit laboratories.

Initially, Soule tried to claim that the type of mushrooms he was growing were not illegal, however, he eventually admitted to investigators that the mushrooms were psilocybin, which is labeled as a “schedule 1″ controlled substance.

Detectives say they were tipped off about Soule's shroom growing operation.

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