Nissin Cup Noodle Is Now Selling Caffeinated Ramen

Close-up of ramen noodles in red bowl on table

Foto: Jackyenjoyphotography / Moment / Getty Images

If you're over your morning coffee and chugging energy drinks, here's a unique new option: The company that makes Cup Noodle, Nissin, just announced the debut of Caffeinated Ramen.

To be fair, their target market isn't exactly the breakfast crowd, in fact, they are targeting hungry gamers who stay up late playing video games. They even put the word "Gaming" in the product name, it's called "Gaming Cup Noodle".

The new product comes in two unique flavors: black pepper-and-garlic and a ginger-curry version.

They're available for purchase on September 18th, but sadly, they're only selling them in Japan for now.

The scary part is that they don't tell you how much caffeine is in the Ramen, but apparently, it's enough to give you an energy boost and keep you alert through the night.

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