Secrets Kept From Partners Until WAY Into Dating

When you're dating someone you often feel as though you know everything about each other. The truth is, you never really will know all the intricacies of your significant other's mind. Here are a few stories, as published by People Magazine, of finding out some pretty weird stuff way into the relationship. 

“She hadn’t done her taxes in three years because it made her anxious. Turns out she was owed $7,000 from the government.”

This one had my jaw hit the ground.

“One of my exes waited months to tell me that her godparents (that she lived with) were actually her ex-boyfriend’s parents. I actually didn’t mind it until he moved back in.”

Here's one I think many of us can relate to:

“I don’t know if she ‘hid’ it or just didn’t discuss it. But I didn’t learn of her massive student loan debt until we were engaged.”

You can check out the other 14 stories clicking here. But I would love to know if you have any of your own. Share below! 


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