Chuck E. Cheese's offers 'Sensory Sensitive Sundays' for kids with autism

Having a child in the spectrum can be challenging for things as simple making a trip to the grocery store. That doesn't mean these children don't need to enjoy themselves and have some "kid-like-fun." Chuck E. Cheese's gets that it just needs to happen in a different way, so they're kicking off "Sensory Sensitive Sundays" the first Sunday of every month in 355 Chuck E. Cheese’s locations nationwide.  

The venues will open two hours earlier and provide smaller crowds, less noise and dimmed lighting for kids with autism and special needs. The appearances by costumed characters will be limited and the music may be turned off or turned down during the shows.

“Our tagline is where a kid can be a kid, and we want to ensure we extend this ideal to kids who otherwise may not be able to enjoy Chuck E. Cheese's due to the sensory overload," said Ami Anderson, senior director of advertising and media at CEC Entertainment. 

The program starts April 8th. Participating South Florida locations are: 

  • 21699 State Road 7 in Boca Raton; 
  • 3805 West 20th Ave., in Hialeah; 
  • 8701 SW 124th Ave., in Miami, 
  • 2471 Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm Beach.

A full list of restaurants participating nationwide can be found here. 

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