Need Cheap Flights? Here Are the Best Dates to Travel this Summer

Summer break is always a little better if you can get away from the day to day. But we all know that traveling can be expensive and, when on vacation, every penny counts. If your schedule is open, you might want to consider the following dates for booking your vacay. 

According to, the cheapest days to travel this summer are Monday, September 3rd and Wednesday, September 19th.  The median price of a domestic flight on those days is $177. 

If traveling during the weekdays isn't an option, it gets a little more expensive but with timely planning, you can definitely make it happen. The best weekend to travel is August 25th, when the median flight is $305.  That's as good as it gets before summer ends. 

Kayan also shared that the most EXPENSIVE weekend to travel is June 30th, which is next weekend. So Netflix and chill for that one! 

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