President Trump Crashes Wedding in New Jersey

Listen, this is NOT a political statement in any way, but I would be livid if President Trump crashed my wedding. Excuse me dude, it's MY big day! I don't need or want anyone else taking my damn spotlight. After all the time and money it takes to put together a wedding (especially at a Trump venue) I want all the stories to revolve around my dress, my hair, my decor choices, my DJ (do you see a trend here?) I do not need my entire wedding day memory to be "Trump dropped in" followed by whatever everyone's political views are about the President. It's my wedding day and I should be the main topic of conversation! And my hypothetical hubby too, I guess. But definitely me. 

For the record, I would feel this way with ANY other celebrity (except Brad Paisley, he can crash absolutely anything I'm doing but ONLY if he's gonna sing to me. If not he can carry on with his day too.)

Friday at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster Township in New Jersey Gerald Papa and Jenna Buchholtz were taking their pictures when President Trump walked by and interrupted to kiss the bride, congratulate the groom, and TMZ reports he even stuck around to take some pictures. 

Have you ever had someone crash your wedding? Better yet... have YOU ever crashed a wedding? Tell me all about it! 

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