Woman Lost Her Toenails After Fish Pedicure, Say Doctors

Listen, I get it, lots of us girls want to stay on top of all the new trends to feel beautiful and to show her selves a little TLC. But even before reading about this crazy story, I would never give my feet over to fish (or any other animal for that matter) for a snack as part of any beauty routine. 

Turns out this woman lost her toenails after having a fish pedicure and it took months to figure out that it was indeed the fish that caused the problem. It took six months to be exact. 

The fish are called Garra rufa and they eat dead human skin when there is no plankton around. Dr. Shari R. Lipner is an assistant professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medicine and she says this unpleasant a fact of fish pedicures is “probably more common than we think.” 

Here is the full report.  

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