Kino Jimenez Arrested After Assaulting Teen in MAGA Hat

I vented quite a bit in a previous blog post when I first saw this video. I won't get into all that again now but to sum it up, I was very upset to see that someone would attack another for their opinion in a country where our best quality has always been our freedom of speech. Mine isn't a political stand against OR for President Trump, it's a stand for the teenager who felt like wearing whatever he believed in and had to put up with the ignorant and aggressive response of his man.

If you disagree with someone's political opinion you can talk about it respectfully, share points of views and walk away agreeing or disagreeing, then carry on with your day. You can't walk around attacking those who disagree with you on politics or anything else for that matter. 

San Antonio Police confirmed that 30-year-old Kino Jimenez was arrested by detectives from the Robbery Task Force on a warrant of theft of person in Thousand Oaks, Texas, in the early hours of July 4. The robbery occurred after he threw the drink in 

I'm glad this guy was arrested and I hope everyone else who doesn't know how to respectfully express their differing points of views gets arrested too. Violence should not be a form of communication ever. 

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