John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Star in Below Deck intro Video

These two are one of my favorite celebrity couples. She's a riot and he's phenomenally talented - which is obvious with his recent Emmy nomination that will probably (hopefully) make him an EGOT. Plus their little ones are beyond cute (and I don't say that about just any little kid).

Anyway, the two are setting sail and naturally, had to have a good time with it on Twitter - Teigen's favorite platform. They created their own version of The Love Boat's opening video and it's priceless. 

Teigen was the chief stew,  Legend was the captain in the clip, hairstylist Jen Atkin poked fun at Below Deck‘s Kasey as a vomiting 3rd stewardess, while her husband Mike Rosenthal was bosun. Teigen captioned the post “BELOW DECK :: MALIBU" and quickly commented "by far the dumbest thing we have ever done."

No worries, Chrissy, we loved it. In fact I think one of things fans love the most about her antics is that she doesn't take herself so seriously and is quick to speak her mind, being transparent with fans and haters alike. 

I wanna be Chrissy Teigen when I grow up... 

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