Cirque du Soleil's CRYSTAL Behind the Scenes with GiGi Diaz

I have watched over a dozen Cirque du Soleil shows and you would think after so many that I would cease to be amazed, not the case. It’sIt’s actually the complete opposite. With each production, whether it be a tent show, arena, or theater setting such as the ones in Vegas that stay year round, I become more impressed by Cirque’s ability to continue creating new storylines and even new acts. 

When I got the chance to go behind the scenes for last year‘s production Kurios I knew for a fact it could not be outdone, but then I got to check out Volta which was intense, Sep7imo Día which was emotionally powerful, and now, going behind the scenes yet again but for Crystal, I’m at a loss for beyond words to explain how amazed I am with this Cirque du Soleil's writing skills.  

Check out the video as I take you behind the scenes to learn about this first of its kind Cirque du Soleil production and click here to win your tickets to the show! 

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