Couple Wants Sex Tape of Their Wedding Night

So I'm at a crossroads with this story. Let me fill you in. This couple put out a job ad looking for a videographer to film their first night together as husband and wife offering $2600. Last I checked on the story no one had signed up for the gig (which I found super weird) and social media was attacking the couple for the idea (which isn't weird at all cause that's what happens on socials.)

I gotta be honest, I totally understand why they would want that special recorded for memories. I mean, if you're married or even in a long term relationship, there's always what I like to call "love pounds" that creep onto your waist (and face, and arms, and so on). So why not make the tape when you look your hottest? 

Now, why social media is attacking them for this idea is beyond me. Why does anyone care that they wanna film this? I would hope that absolutely NO ONE who's criticizing this couple ever watches porn cause, I mean, double standards much? 

Anyway, part of the job post read as follows:

"Both myself and my fiancé believe that your wedding day shouldn’t just be limited to a day, and actually your wedding night is just as important," the ad reads.

"Since we got engaged we’ve both been in agreement that we want a videographer to film our wedding night, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find anyone willing, or who we’ve felt comfortable enough around.

"We originally asked our day videographer to do it, but he said he didn’t feel comfortable doing it, and that it wasn’t something he’d done before. Obviously we know that this is a bit of a weird request, but we just really don’t want to forget any moments from our day, or night, which is why we want everything on tape."

There were extra details on privacy and such, obviously, but I don't think they've had any success finding someone to take the gig. 

What do you think about this? Would you want a videographer to tape you and your honey?

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