CDC Finds it Necessary to Remind People Condoms are NOT Reusable

I remember only a little bit of Health Ed class (is that what it was called?) but I definitely remember the part where they said condoms can only be used once. Class aside, I can't help being kinda grossed out by the thought of "washing" a condom out. Ew... Besides, They're tricky enough to get on when they're perfectly rolled up, strategically, to allow them to be put on. How much harder (ha) would it be to put them on after they've been washed out? 

It's common sense to be that these are a "one time use" thing but like the CDC Tweeted out "We say it because people do it: Don't wash or reuse ! Use a fresh one for each  act." 

Reuse the partner, not the condom! 

And while we're here and chatting about these wonderful rubbery things, let's also make sure we keep an eye on their expiration date and take care to not store them in wallets or cars! 

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