Ed Sheeran Offers Backstage Guitar Lesson to Fans

Ed Sheeran is hooking a lucky fan up with a backstage guitar lesson during his tour in the US!

Sheeran announced the contest through a YouTube video where he said, “The prize is I will teach you to play one of my songs on guitar, and then you’ll get a guitar that I’ll sign and give to you after the lesson.

“The lesson will take place backstage at my gig at MetLife Stadium (New Jersey). So you’ll also get to go to that gig. I will pay for you to be there, so I’ll fly you out to New York, cover your hotel and give you tickets to the show.”

Sounds awesome! How do you register? Easy and guilt free too! You can compete by making a donation between $10 and $100 to Drop4Drop on the fundraising site RallyUp.com. The more you donate, the more entries you receive! 

The lucky fan will head backstage at the gig, part of Ed’s ÷ (divide) Tour, in September and receive VIP tickets to watch him perform. 

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