Couple Having Sex the "Wrong Way" Couldn't Conceive for Four Years

This is.... odd. But I feel kinda bad for this couple trying to conceive for four years and being unable to because, well, they weren't doing it right. The married couple, from Bijie, in southwest China, finally decided to go to the doctor for some answers and when she admitted that sex was, quote, "unusually painful," the doctor decided to do an exam.

It became clear why she hadn't gotten pregnant: They were having sex the wrong way. I don't need to explain how they were doing wrong, do I?

The doctor says, quote, "The couple were very young, the man 26 and the woman 24," so apparently, neither of them realized that wasn't the correct . . . um . . . path to having a baby. 

When you were just learning about the naked tango, what embarrassing mistakes did you make? 

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