First Absurd Halloween Costume of the Year Broke the Internet

Let me start by saying that I am OBSESSED with The Handmaid's Tale and also, that I'm not as sensitive as most people who caused up a stir about this costume (more on that later). But I can totally see how the fuss started! 

So Halloween is almost here. This means companies everywhere are revealing their funny, absurd, and insensitive costumes already, mostly based on the movies and shows that were hits for this year. Yandy (one of my personal favorite sites to shop for Halloween costumes... and some other things) launched their first reveal and had to bring it down in like 48 hours or something cause of the outrage they caused. 

Here's the costume itself... 

If you've watched the show you know the handmaidens are oppressed, raped, abused, and used in ways that just watching will make you feel inadequate and enraged. Why Yandy thought the costume was a good idea is beyond me, personally, but the outrage on socials was such that they removed it from their site with the following message. 

Now.... while I personally don't understand WHY they wanted to make this costume, I'm even more confused by why people thought they had to make so much of a fuss about it that the company thought they had to bring it down. Let's look at this objectively for a moment. 

What if someone ELSE likes the costume and has some sort of fantasy of being a handmaid that they wanna play into with their significant other? What? If people like Furry Sex and have Fart Fetishes, why can't they wanna be used like a handmaid? 

Shouldn't it be enough to have the freedom and make the choice to NOT buy the costume? Why must you also make it so that others can't buy it either? Why must others be forced to adhere to your preferences? Seems kinda communist to me, and I would know, I was raised in Cuba. 

If you don't like something, you can yell it to the four winds, but don't force others to act upon it when it's something so simple as a damn Halloween costume. Live and let live. Dress up as Cinderella, or a Pirate, or a Nun or whatever you want, and let whoever wants to be a Handmaid be a handmaid. 

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