"Jeopardy" Contestant Proposed to His Girlfriend...Mid Show

These proposals are crazy these days and going way public! I don't know how I feel about all that... Just about a month ago, during the Emmy's, director Glenn Weiss was on stage accepting his 14th Emmy of the evening and he used his acceptance speech to propose to his then girlfriend. It was sweet, and unexpected, and while many had no idea who he was before the proposal went down, everyone definitely knew his name after the epic, nationally televised moment. The video is below in case you missed it during the show... and on every social media platform the whole week after. 

It seems like this using your spotlight to propose thing is becoming the trend. Most recently just last night (Sept. 27th) "Jeopardycontestant Michael Pascuzzi took advantage of his intro time to introduce his girlfriend instead and ask her to "make him a winner" and accept his marriage proposal! 

The cutest part about the whole thing is that the show's host, Alex Trebek was in on it and all about surprising Maria Shafer with this national proposal. 

She said YES . . . then corrected herself by answering in the form of a question . . . quote, "What is, 'Yes'?" So. Freaking. Cute. 

Michael didn't win . . . he came in second to the returning champion. 

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