First Ever #HialeahPride is Here! Oct 7th at Hialeah Park

I've been to multiple Pride events throughout the years and there's nothing like them. They're an experience of love, acceptance, and good vibes like none other. So, learning that there's a Hialeah Pride coming to MY CITY is fantastic news! 

Our hispanic community often shies away from the topic but we ALL have an uncle, aunt or cousin who's part of the LGBTQ community. It's time to embrace love and acceptance in our city as well. I'm not surprised at all the the community leaders and the Brunetti family welcomed this event with open arms. 

Hialeah Pride is going down Oct 7th from 1p to 7p. Admission is free and there are also VIP passes for sale. Expect amazing performers, food trucks, special areas, and a ton of fun! 

Check out my interview with Karen Larrea, one of the event coordinators, below! 

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