Princess Eugenie Breaks Tradition and Expectations at Royal Wedding

The royals have SO many rules. We learned about quite a few of them when Meghan Markle married into the royal family; no leg crossing at the knees, no dark nail polish, no sleeping until the queen sleeps... When it comes to weddings there are quite a few rules as well such as no unmarried woman is allowed to wear a tiara. This means most wear one for the very first time on their wedding day, which is why the bride's choice of headpiece is such a big deal to many. 

Princess Eugenie was married today and threw many off with her choice of tiara and veil. She was expected to wear a tiara that would pay tribute to her mother but instead she went with the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara. This gorgeous headpiece was lent to her by her grandmother, the Queen. It was created by Boucheron in 1921 and the center emerald is 93.79 carats! 

The tiara she was expected to wear is known as the York tiara and was a gift from the Queen to Eugenie's mother, Sarah Ferguson, for her wedding to Prince Andrew, Duke of York in 1986. The piece was designed by preferred royal jeweler Garrard, it features a five carat diamond in the centre and came as part of a jewelry set that included a necklace, earrings, and bracelet. A gemologist told 

“The value of such a piece is not easy to calculate without knowing details about the diamond sizes, qualities, and also the weight of the platinum...That being said, with the value of a top quality 5 carat stone like this tiara topper combined with the platinum and other diamonds, the value of this tiara would easily be more than $300,000 USD today.”

Princess Eugenie also broke with royal tradition by not wearing a veil. Remember Meghan Markle's 5 meter veil at her wedding just a few months ago? Gorgeous! Anyway, Eugenie went her own way being the only royal bride in British history to skip the veil on her wedding day, with the exception of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. 

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