MTV EMA's Were Fire! Here Are All The Winners

Did you catch the MTV EMAs last night? It was pretty fabulous. Not a fan of every moment - like the cutaway to pre-recorded Muse performing "Pressure" at a different venue. I love Muse and they're amazing live but you can't really get the vibe or their skill in cutaways like this. 

I did love Camila Cabello's acceptance speech saying "I remember when I was 14-years-old watching these shows, waiting for my favorite artists to come on. I know how special that bond is between a fan and their favorite artist and I know special the bond I have with is with my fans."  I just wish she had performed too! 

Here's the full list of 2018 MTV EMA winners:

BEST ARTIST Camila Cabello  

BEST VIDEO  Camila Cabello - “Havana” ft. Young Thug  

BEST SONG  Camila Cabello - “Havana” ft. Young Thug  

BEST POP  Dua Lipa  

BEST NEW  Cardi B  

BEST LOOK  Nicki Minaj  

BEST HIP-HOP  Nicki Minaj  

BEST LIVE  Shawn Mendes  

BEST ROCK  5 Seconds of Summer  

BEST ALTERNATIVE  Panic! At The Disco  



BEST WORLD STAGE  Alessia Cara, MTV Spotlight at Hyperplay, Singapore 2018  

BEST PUSH  Grace VanderWaal (December 2017)  


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