Universal Orlando for the Holidays and Celebrating my Birthday!

Every had to work on your birthday? Me too!!! THANK GOD! Cause I spent it broadcasting live from Universal Orlando and I had a blast! There's something magical about Universal during the holidays. The Universal Holiday Parade featuring Macy's was fantastic! It covers 26miles with 15 floats of some of my favorites like characters from Shrek, Despicable Me, Madagascar and so many others. I mean... it truly made me feel like a kid to be out here, especially during this holiday season. 

Oh! And the hotel! Loews Sapphire Falls Resort is GORGEOUS! It has the larges pool in all or Universal and it's heated! Can't go wrong at any time of the year! 

But it's not just about the holidays, they also have super fun stuff lined up to ring in the near year! CityWalk is staying open extra late for their jam-packed celebration Rock in the New Year at EVE. I'm trying to figure out how I can get the boss man to send me back up here for that too!! 

Check out some of the pics below and the stories are going to get better and better as the day progresses! 

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