Racing Fan Sneaks Brilliant Flask into Cheltenham Racecourse

First and foremost I remind you that my blog is a safe place for all.... so if you're coming in here ready to hate on this genius of a woman... BYE FELICIA! 

Secondly, where the heck can I get one of these? If not to sneak into anyplace, at least for the sheer coolness of this flask! (I'm still looking for Rihanna's bracelet flask too!). 

Do I sound like a drunk? 


The point is, this girl was not up for paying the cost of booze at Cheltenham Racecourse and so she either bought or created this brilliant binoculars looking flask to bring inside. 

This is way smarter and more comfortable than the flask in the bra or the boot (which would get detected  by the metal detectors anyway. 

I'm just fascinated by this is all, and I thought I would share. 

Do you have any cook flasks? 

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