10 Foods That Will Kill Your Diet

One of the most popular resolutions every year is losing weight and getting healthier. Most of us drop it by February (and I talk about why here) but if you're still going strong here's a list of foods to stay away from! 

According to a new survey out of England this is the list:


1.  Chocolate and other candy.

2.  Chips.

3.  Fish and chips.  Which is definitely a British term. (But in this case "chips" means French fries which applies here too.)

4.  Pizza.

5.  Breakfast sandwiches. 

6.  Cheese.

7.  Cake.

8.  Cookies.

9.  Curry.  Super popular in the UK and delicious

10.  Burgers. 

What are you doing to stick to your healthy nutrition plans? Or did you already give them up?

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