UCLA's Katelyn Ohashi is a Perfect 10!

No words necessary to explain how amazingly talented UCLA's Katelyn Ohashi is! I mean, just watch the video! 

But, I dare say, it's not just the complexity of the routine that has made this video viral. We've seen other gymnasts like Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, and so many others do amazing routines as well. So we're no strangers to the incredible talent of our country's gymnasts. I think it's Katelyn's energy and her vibe while performing that has us hooked. 

Who is ever this excited about doing the hardest thing ever? 

Let's be honest, while it takes endless hours of practice to pull off a routine like this, and incredible confidence, these athletes know they could screw up, and more so, they know a screw up could cause injury and so on and so forth. But Katelyn has SO MUCH FUN anyway that it's contagious! I've been a gymnastics fan for a long time and I've never seen this much FUN be had while simultaneously performing a badass, perfect routine. 

I think that's why we're obsessed with this video of Katelyn. It's an incredibly hard routine that surely took her forever to prepare and she has FUN real freaking contagious FUN performing it. 

Are you ever this excited about doing a presentation at work or going in for a job interview? 

I know I haven't always been.

But Katelyn just got me to realize that I SHOULD be! Cause, you know what? Just like her in this routine, the presentation or the job interview or whatever other challenge is something we're going after that we want really bad, that we've worked hard to accomplish, and instead of focusing so much on doing well, that we forget to have any fun, we deserve to do it like Katelyn and have a blast while bringing our most amazing self to the floor! 

Ok... I'm going to watch and dance along ... again. 

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