Bruno Mars Points Out Huge Flaw in Grenade Lyrics

I love when people who are awesome - at anything - don't take themselves too seriously. It's just fun to see them act like normal people instead of full of themselves. One person who's always down for a laugh, even at his own expense, is Bruno Mars. 

I'm sure you've heard his hit song Grenade.... right? 

Well, Chart Data, a Twitter account that shares random music facts shared that Grenade reached #1 on the Hot 100 in 2011 tagging the artist on the post. Bruno's response? 

"But how did I know her eyes were open? "

Here's a refresher in case you don't remember which part of the song he's talking about: 

"Should've known you was trouble

from the first kiss

had your eyes wide open

why were they open?"

Common sense says, if they're kissing and he knows her eyes were open it's cause his were too! It's pretty awesome that he would put himself out there and criticize his own song... 

Don't worry Bruno, we still love you! 

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