ARod Shares Proposal Moment with JLo! He Got on One Knee!

I. Can't. Even

Those of you that know me even a little bit no I am obsessed with all things J Lo and a rod. I’m a little cranky that they have tried to upstage my engagement but, at least they waited until my engagement month was through! So we’re still cool.

Anyway, Alex Rodriguez shared an amazing picture earlier on his Instagram about the exact moment when he got on his knee to propose.

The wind flowing through JLo’s dress, the perfect sky behind them, the ocean washing up on the shore. He surprise at that enormous ring... it really is gorgeous.

BUT .... since for some odd reason and I feel like there’s some sort of parallel between JROD and myself and my now fiancé, let me just say that no matter how beautiful this background, I think my proposal story is way better.

Sure I’m biased.

But let me explain.

My now fiancé, Danny, took me to Paris on my first Europe vacation ever. His plan was to take me to the top of the Eiffel tower have a glass of champagne with me there and then take me to Trocadero to propose with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Romantic right?

Problem was that it was a Saturday in Paris so the yellow vest protesters were out and letting their voice be heard. It was so intense that, as hundreds of them made their way to Trocadero, police had to use tear gas bombs to disperse the crowds. When they set a car on fire and the smoke bombs starting going off closer together Danny - who also is a former athlete btw, that parallel I was telling you about- decided the top of the Eiffel Tower would need to be the spot...

The city of Paris in the background, it was like 38 degrees and windy and I was in a thick sweater instead of floaty dress... but I vote for my engagement!

I know you do too I’m not even going to ask!

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