Ed Sheeran Sends Sweet Message to Girl in Hospice Care

This is so beautiful and hard at the same time. Kayleigh's parents, Sean and Chrissy Hogan manage a page for her on Facebook with over 10,000 followers to pop in to show support and pray for the young girl who's been fighting cancer for 5 years now. When doctors could do no more, Kayleigh's parents made the decision to take her home in hospice care sharing that "She will be at peace knowing she’s home with all of us and her beloved pets. Our girl has put up a fight for 5 years.. She isn’t living and she is tired."

Shayla, Kayleigh's sister, reached out to Ed Sheeran and he replied in a video saying....

“Hey Kayleigh, Ed here. I thought I’d send you a video because I heard you were a fan. Hopefully this video makes you smile, and I hope you’re having a good day. Lots of love and thank you for listening to my music.”

Definitely sending prayers and strength to the Hogans during this difficult time.

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