Game Of Thrones - Inspired Track 'Kingdom Of One' by Maren Morris is Fire

Only two days to go until the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones and I can’t tell if I am excited about it or if I am completely dreading it.

If you’re a fan of the show you are all too familiar with the unexpected twists and turns the writers usually give us and I am not ready for some of my favorite characters to die or to be wrong about who I predict will be the king and queen. No, I don’t think it’s going to be Khaleesi and John Snow. That's what most of us would love, so I doubt it'll go down like that.

I actually think Daenerys is going to get murdered by one of her dragons- the one that turned icy- and on that note, let's direct our attention to Maren Morris‘s new track “Kingdom of One.”

She just released it and I absolutely love it. It also makes me wonder if maybe there is not going to be two people on the throne but one? And who's the one??

Part of the lyrics say:

"So you wanna play God?/ Come on/ Is that all you got? Come on," she asks in the chorus. "Would you sell your soul? Burn it all/ Everything that you love/ Finally become second to none/ In a kingdom of one."

The lines sound eerily like something Cersei Lannister would say. Or perhaps this is a question Daenerys Targaryen is asking herself. Is it worth sacrificing everyone and everything to win the throne?

If Cersei becomes queen I will need the day off work on Monday for a full day of therapy.

Actually, if Daenerys dies I'll probably need to cry all day Monday too...

Crap, I can''t see any ending where I won't be broken in some way...

Also... if you don't want to watch alone, there are a ton of watch parties going on. Check them out here.

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