Sex Scene: "Most Empowering Consensual Interaction" Ever on Sunday's GOT?

Let me start by saying that if you have not watched Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones this is a good time to walk away from the screen.

Arya Stark was definitely the trigger of the biggest *GASP* during the most recent GOT episode when she decided, since the end of their world is pretty much around the castle’s corner, that she didn’t want to die a virgen.

Needless to say, the Internet lost its collective mind. Granted, we’ve all been more than happy to see her slit quite a few throats at any age but at 18 (yes, HBO felt the need to clarify that Arya is indeed 18) Needless to say, she decides to get her freak on and everyone went nuts. God forbid a woman should feel empowered in her sexuality...

Fav line: “I’m not the Red Woman, take off your own pants.”

You tell him! Loved it.

One fan had an awesome response to anyone who didn't like seeing Arya have sex. 

Check out the tweet below!

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