305 Things You Need to Know Thursday April 25

-Marins Playing away tonight, taking on Philadelphia Phillies 7:05

-Zoo Miami, welcomed a new baby rhino to it's family this week. The baby rhino is a very rare greater one horned rhinoceros and was born via artificial insemination. Check out the video of the cute baby below.

-The 35th annual Mercedes Benz corporate run is happening today in Miami. Expect some roads to be affected: NB Biscayne blvd will be closed from SE 2nd to NE 5th, from 1:30-11pm

-A close encounter with a hungry shark was caught on camera by boaters in the Florida Keys.

Suzy Grumbo says she was on a boat Tuesday when the shark came up and started eating the chum from the side of the boat. It is believed to be a female great white. check out the scary video of the close encounter below:

-If you're aStar Wars fan, you're going to freak out over these new photos that were released.

Pictures have emerged of the new part of Walt Disney World dedicated to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The recognisableStar Wars universe buildings that can already be seen, as well as a bunch of cranes and diggers that are still building more rides.

There is also a scale replica of the Millennium Falcon. Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opens this August. 

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