Mom Furious After Her Kid's Lunch Is Sent Back Home For Unhealthy Snack

Let me tell you something. Every time I read stories like this I am more and more convinced having kids might not be for me. I don't think I have the patience to smile and politely handle a situation like this.

A mom in Australia was livid when her kid's school sent his lunch BACK cause the teacher thought the home made sausage rolls were too high in fat. A note was sent home, along with the uneaten lunch item.

It read: "Let's work together to make it easier for children to make healthy choices!

"There were lots of great choices in this lunchbox however sausage rolls [are] too high in fat… (Please provide nutrient value if they are homemade).

"The food did not fit with our service’s nutrition guidelines. For some healthier lunchbox ideas, ask an educator, or go to the Good for Kids website."

Picture: Facebook

Listen lady... I carried this child in my belly for 9 months, I've kept alive long enough to make it to your classroom, I'll feed him whatever the hell I decide.

Can you imagine if your child couldn't eat his lunch cause a teacher (who, nowhere in the story have I read is a nutrition expert or dietitian) decided he shouldn't have what you HIS MOM packed for him?!?!

Yeah.... that would definitely not ride with me.

Heck, I barely even take comments on how I'm raising my DOG well... much less a kid.

Parents... what do you think?

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