Celebrating iHeartRadio Moms... and Motherhood all Around on #CHATSwithGiGi

Wishing our amazing mothers out there a happy, blessed, relaxing Mother's Day! This episode was inspired by the incredible women I see, day in and day out, as I walk into my studio doing their best at work and rushing to do their best at home. You ladies are an inspiration.

Thank you to our sponsor Pandora at Southland Mall.

Thank you to Frankie "Red Wordz" for sharing your beautiful poetry.

Thank you to those of you who shared your story

K Marie - On Air - TU949

Genie Serrano - Sr. Account Exec. - West Palm Beach

Jami Farid - Sr. Account Exec. - West Palm Beach

Pam Farmer - On Air - Big 105.9

Alex G. - On Air - TU949

Connie Lowenthal - Sr. Account Exec. - Miami

Margaret Garcia - Director of First Impressions - Miami

Stichz - On Air - 103.5 The Beat

Michelle Fay - On Air - Y100

Anne - Producer - 103.5 TheBeat

I would love to know your story, to know how your mother inspired you. Find me on your favorite social media platform under @GiGiDiazLIVE and don't forget to use the hashtag #CHATSwithGiGi to share your comments on this episode.

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