The Voice is Done, Maelyn Jarmon is victorious, and BTS Rocked the Stage!

Seriously though could this season finale have been any better?

Just as I predicted when it was announced that John Legend would join the coaches for season 16 of NBC’s head show The Voice, he has won.

I was right!

How could he NOT win!?

It was Maelyn Jarmon- The only female singer left in the finale competition round- who won and that makes me extra proud cause you know I’m all about girl power!

She has been amazing ever since her blind audition. She reached number one on the iTunes top 100 chart with her cover of hallelujah and in case you haven’t heard it, her new single “Waiting For You“ is magic.

I mean... come on

If you’ve been watching this season throughout you know that it definitely was loaded with talent. Heck, it might have been the most awesome season yet.

Not sure how they’re going to top this one!

TheVoice Season 16 results:

WINNER: Maelyn Jarmon

Second place: Gyth Rigdon

Third place: Dexter Roberts

Fourth place: Andrew Sevener

And for my BTS fans... Here's a treat I know you can watch over and over again!

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