Spice Girls Fans Want Refund After 'Awful' Sound Problems for Second Night

For those of us who grew up in the 90's these reunions are everything. Backstreet Boys, while not my favorite (N*Sync forever!) came back together to make us feel young again. Spice Girls are back on stage too - even though we're Posh-less - but their return wasn't as successful as they hoped.

After hitting the stage at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales the band had sound issues so bad that some fans are demanding a refund. The technical problems plagued the reunion tour for two nights in a row, ruining the experience for many.

I would have loved to be there though, sound issues and all!

Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton, Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell Horner, Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm and Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown performed the band's biggest hits, including "Spice Up Your Life," "2 Become 1" and "Wannabe."

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