Could Justin Timberlake Have Changed Rocketman's Box Office Success?

It’s always a little heartbreaking when so much love, time, and money go into creating a film and it doesn’t do as well as expected in the box office, especially on opening weekend. That’s exactly what happened with Rocketman this past weekend. The movie was definitely highly anticipated and many who have watched it thought that it was very well done. But surprisingly, it didn’t do as well as expected. It came in third with Aladdin in second place and Godzilla in first.

To be clear, the question I’m about to ask has nothing to do with Taron Egerton’s is outstanding performance as Elton John, it's just simple is a question of curiosity:

Could casting Justin Timberlake to play the role of Elton John have changed the movie's success at the box office?

Elton John himself and his producer husband, David furnish, considered approaching Justin Timberlake to play the lead role in the film after having done an amazing job in the video for John’s 2002 song, “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore“

According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter the timing just wasn’t ever right to bring the three together to discuss the opportunity.

While I personally think that the main reason the movie didn’t do as well as expected it because it was rated R, I wonder if casting the one superstar to play the other would have helped...?

Did you watch Rocketman this weekend? Did you love it? Do you think JT would have boosted its success?

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