WATCH Jonas Brothers Make Sucker Sound Even Better W/ Classroom Instruments

If this isn't the actual definition of talent I don't know what is.

Sucker is one of my favorite JoBros song, yes I know it's not their best but I got on the Jonas train AFTER Priyanka Chopra got in the picture cause I've been obsessed with her forever. Anyway, I love the song Sucker. The rhythm, the lyrics, the musical components... it's contagious and I've listened to the song on repeat for days in a row.

To think that this version made with classroom instruments sounds just as good... if not a little better cause it's also very funny, blows my mind.

On the Jimmy Fallon show, the Jonas Brothers performed Sucker, along with Fallon and The Roots, using only classroom instruments. The full list of which can be found below.

Nick Jonas - Clapper

Joe Jonas - Banana Shaker

Kevin Jonas - Triangle

Jimmy Fallon - Vocals, Casio Keyboard, Wood Block, Avocado Shaker

Questlove - Clappers

Kamal Gray - Xylophone

James Poyser - Melodica

Captain Kirk - Ukulele

Mark - Kazoo

Tuba Gooding Jr. - Kazoo, Apple Shaker

Stro - Bongos

Black Thought - Tambourine

Check out the video below!

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