KFC and Cheetos are Launching a Chicken Sandwich

KFC is releasing a Cheetos Chicken Sandwich and honestly it's AMAZING!

For 4 weeks starting on July 1st, KFC and Cheetos are bringing the Cheetos Chicken Sandwich to its restaurants nationwide.

The Cheetos Chicken Sandwich sprinkles magical, orange Cheeto dust on the chicken sandwich. Then the sandwich is pilled high with actual Cheetos and drenched in a special Cheetos sauce.

This is definitely 'finger lickin' good.

KFC and Cheetos is taking this partnership even further in New York. At the KFC Downtown location in NYC, you can get "Cheetos-Fied KFC Hot Wings," "Cheetos Loaded Fries" and "KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl," all slathered in Cheetos sauce and a Cheeto dust finish.


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