Stranger Things 3 Actor Cary Elwes on What's Coming to Hawkins This Season

There are very few shows that can get me hooked enough to sit on a couch for more than an episode or two. There was Dexter, then there was Breaking Bad... Then there was Stranger Things.

Since the premier of Stranger Things the main characters have become part of our generation's hottest topics. The main actors have grown up before us on our TV screens and we've grown to love them like they're family. Well, most of them.

The countdown is on for our trip back to the 80's - and to Hawkins - with Stranger Things 3. Netflix is releasing the third installment of the series on July 4th and actor Cary Elwes, who plays Hawkins Mayor and all-around sleazy politician, Larry Kline, is here to tell us all about what to expect from the show this season.

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