Which of These Proposal Fails is Worse?

This week alone there have been at least two videos of proposal fails that have gone viral and they got me thinking.

The first one, I’m sure you saw it but if you haven’t you can check it out below, the guy had cameras lined up and everything to record this special moment. He proposed in public and his girlfriend broke his heart and he said no.

This proposal stirred up a whole lot of talk with some people saying that public proposals put way too much pressure on women to say yes.

I think she was veryI think she was very brave to be honest and give her true answer despite the fact that it broke his heart. 100 points for honesty! Some people were saying she should’ve just said yes for the cameras and then in private told him no.

I have so many questions!

Do you agree with this?

This video also got me thinking about the fact that men should be absolutely sure before proposing and there are many ways to know if your girl is ready to get married or not.

The second viral proposal fail I saw this week was the gentleman that proposed during his girlfriends graduation.

25-year-old Ange Banuskeviciute was walking across the stage at the University of Essex to get her Masters of English. Just after taking hold of her diploma, she was surprised to see her boyfriend of nine years, 27-year-old Edgaras Averbuchas, walking on the stage. He got down on one knee, put the ring on her finger, and walked her off the stage as the audience cheered.

A whole lot of people came out criticizing him saying that he was hijacking her graduation instead of celebrating her moment of accomplishment and finding his own time to create a new memory for her proposal.

Honestly, I kind of agree with this one. I think that dates that are already marked in significance such as graduations, somebody else’s wedding, anniversaries, should all be left untouched for what they already stand for. Proposals should have their own special day in my eyes.

That being said, my opinion doesn’t mean a thing because the girlfriend came out in defense of her now fiancé with the statement below.

The couple responded to the backlash with Ange saying:

"That's so strange that Edgaras was getting a lot of criticism from people. I think that this day became even more beautiful with this proposal. I remember myself standing on the stage. I was a little bit nervous, but extremely happy. Then, all of a sudden I saw Edgaras coming, but everything happened so quickly that it took me some time to understand what actually happened. He knelt on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in so much shock and of course I said yes. Everyone cheered and it was an amazing proposal which truly took me by surprise.”

Do you think he hijacked her graduation?

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