WATCH: JLo Shares Full Birthday Celebration Recap with Fans!

Jennifer Lopez shared a day in her life on one of the most important days of her life so far, her 50th birthday. The YouTube included The preparations made by her fiancé and the children they share, the awesome birthday gift a rod gave her, a beautiful red Porsche, and her priceless reaction to receiving the gift among a few other clips from what seems to have been an unforgettable weekend.

I’ve always been a huge fan of J Lo because of her ability to dabble and succeed in so many different things from acting, to music, to launching her own fragrance etc etc. I love her strength in building her own empire. She’s a motivation to me.Also... her absat 50 arelife goals.

I saw her in concert for the first time this weekend when she came to Miami for either it’s my party tour and she blew me away. What’s most amazing is how she has been fearless in conquering all her dreams but she looks terrified to drive that gorgeous car ARod gave her LOL.

Do it queen!

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