Salma Hayek shows off bikini body on beach trip to celebrate turning 53

“Yes, tomorrow I’m 53,” she wrote in both English and Spanish in the photo’s caption. Bu homegirl, we wouldn't have guessed it if you hadn't said it!

Salma Hayek looks AMAZING in her teal bikini a day before celebrating her 53rd birthday.

The picture was posted Monday and has nearly 2,000,000 likes. She looks fantastic! But whatever her secret, she won’t share it. Last March she had an interview with Town and Country And all she said was that her looks had nothing to do with plastic surgery.

“I haven’t done an-y-thing,” she admitted at the time. “I don’t know how to explain it.”

Me not doing an-y-thing does NOT look like this in a bikini. I need to find out what her definition of "an-y-thing" is so I can start applying it!

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