WATCH: Viral Video Mouse Jumps Into a Whataburger Fryer

This. Is. Disgusting.

A Texas man named Brushawn Lewis went to a Whataburger location in Bastrop. He, along with other customers noticed there was a mouse on the counter. This alone is gross. But as you’ll see in the video, it gets way worse.

"Alright y'all, whoever paid for their food will get their money back," says a Whataburger employee in the whole video posted to Facebook.

As the mouse runs around the counter, between containers and other food items, an employee tries to catch it but the sneaky rodent was having none of that.

It took a giant leap... into the deep fryer.

Screams of "oh my god" and "deep-fried rat!" follow. The people behind the counter talk about trying to scoop out the mouse, but a Whataburger employee doesn't seem to know how to turn the fryer off.

Even before the poor mouse dives into the fryer, the video was disgusting. Knowing that it probably died in there, deep fried, maybe having organs melt out of its nose and butt.... I wanna throw up.

The clip below is not for anyone with a sensitive stomach.

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