Alex Rodriguez's Comment on Jennifer Lopez's Epic Versace Runway Moment

If your man is not your biggest fan and supporter.... find a new one!

I believe this 100%!

Alex Rodriguez is the perfect example of a man who shamelessly gushes over his woman, takes pics of her, talks positively about her. I mean, it's also Jennifer Lopez. It's easy to be proud of her and to gush over her. But no matter what scale of success you're in, your man should still gush over, empower, and idolize you!

We all remember the iconic green dress that broke the internet and helped launch Google Images. Well, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Jungle Print, Lopez put on the Versace gown once again and brought her stuff to the catwalk, breaking the internet yet again!

Alex Rodriguez is apparently still not over moment posting the picture below to his Instagram and captioning it "This Woman"

Yes.... that woman! Many did a side by side of the gowns, when she wore it the first time and now. I personally think she looks even better now. I need to find whatever black poison to she drank to not age!

She looked amazing modeling and I love that he supports her in every project she takes on, big or small.

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