Big (Expensive and Annoying) Changes Coming to Miami Highways TODAY

To start, the free us of the 826/Palmetto Express Lanes is done as of today.

Tolls are being collected both north and southbound between 154th and Flagler Streets.

Drivers must have SunPasses because Toll By Plate is not offered.

Click here for more information.

Secondly, though equally as annoying, those weird decorations they proposed for I-95 are going to start being installed tonight. I've read in multiple places they're called trusses but they just look like tarecos (como decía mi abuela) to me and I don't understand why we need them.

Anyway, to put them in, the entire highway will be shut down in downtown Miami between I-195 and I-395 through October 3rd. But then again, I'm sure there was an end date proposed for the Palmetto construction and that took 100 years.

"These overhead trusses, they span anywhere from 85 to 119 feet in length, and they can weight anywhere between 23,000 to 33,000 pounds," says Florida Department of Transportation's Oscar Gonzalez.

There will be overhead and trailer mounted signs directing drivers to alternates so make sure you're paying attention if you're driving in that area late at night.

There will also be alerts sent to drivers who sign up for them. Click here to sign up.

Gonzalez says, "This work in particular is so that we can extend an additional auxiliary lane on I-95 between 17th Street and Northwest 29th Street" with the eventual widening of the 836 eastbound ramp to 95 northbound to two lanes.

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