Instagram launches Threads, a Close Friends Chat App

How would you like it if Instagram could automatically tell your Close Friends you’re 🏠(home),🤓(working),🚗(on the move) or 🛋(chilling and might want to hang out)? That’s the idea behind Instagram’s new companion app Threads.

This is a Close Friends-only messaging experience. It opens to the camera and offers shortcuts that allow you to instantly send specific people photos and videos. Threads offers two brand new features called Status and Auto Status. These give the user the option to manually set an emoji as an away message to show Close Friends what you’re up to, or you can opt in to letting Instagram select one automatically based on your location, accelerometer and even your phone’s battery level.

I think it's super weird to have my phone reporting where I am or what I'm doing on its own. Is it weird that sometimes I don't want even my close friends to know where I am?

Am I alone in feeling like it's totally ok to be incognito from social media, and people, once in a while?

How do you feel about this new app?

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